What insurance should I get for a Niseko snow Holiday

What is the best insurance for a snow holiday

What insurance is the best for Niseko Japan?

What insurance is the best for Niseko Japan? Well that is a great question.

This all depends on what you will be doing when you come to Niseko.

 Are you just a beginner and going to stick to doing lessons and on piste skiing or snowboarding? Or if you are an intermediate and will be on piste and in the park? Or if you are an advanced skier or snow boarder and are going to be hitting the side country and backcountry which there is an abundance off in Niseko.


Also to take into consideration is if you will be doing any extra or extreme activities like, sledding, snowmobiling, snow biking,  cat skiing  or heli  skiing or camping out in the extremes.

All of these factors come into play when you are looking for the most suitable insurance. If you are going to do backcountry out of bounds skiing it is advisable to read and read again if your insurance policy covers the activities you are under taking . You will see that many only cover you if you are on a guided tour with a fully qualified guide and on  a tour you have paid for (not out there with one of your friends who maybe qualified but does not work for a registered company in Niseko). So if you are going to head out of bounds and not on a guided tour make sure you are covered for this. I have previously used AAMI which I have found to be really great and great when you have to make a claim and they cover most activities but please check your policy as there are many different levels of cover you can purchase.  There are numerous insurance companies that cover backcountry and out of bounds skiing.

If you are staying in resort most insurance companies will have you covered but once again check your policy and make sure that you opt for the winter sports when purchasing otherwise you will not be covered in most cases.

 I would just say that it is best to purchase your insurance well in advance of your travel dates then you know you are covered and, in most cases, will cover you if something happens to you before your travel date and prevents you from taking your trip.

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 As the saying goes if you can’t afford Travel insurance then you can’t afford to go on holidays